About Us

The countercultural boom of the mid-2010s was a proverbial big bang; with it, iGirl World was born. Before Bella McFadden (a.k.a. Internet Girl) founded iGirl in 2017, she was a teenager growing up in Canada and using nothing but social media, Depop, and her own curated closet to build an alt-fashion community from the ground up. Her aesthetic acumen — inspired by Y2K emo culture, mall goths, and punk subculture — made iGirl the underground internet’s hottest commodity, and it quickly became the name on everyone’s lips; once they launched their cult classic original accessories and apparel, they also became the brand dangling from everyone’s necks.


Through its transformation from Depop phenomenon to a thriving small business based and operated in L.A., iGirl has become symbolic with influencers and cool girls wearing the iGirl pendant like a holy cross, praying to the church of the internet. iGirl’s original DIY ethos is still alive and well today, too: all iGirl originals are designed in-house and ethically produced in small, sweat-shop free facilities. From its very conception, with Bella packing orders from her bedroom, iGirl’s culture has hinged on the idea that everyone, anywhere, can be anyone they want to be. It might sound like a platitude, but for iGirl’s community, it’s a tangible reality — the internet age, combined with Gen Z’s penchant for fuck-you individualism, has tied the stylistic with the personal in an entirely new way. iGirl’s pioneering visual foresight whispers something exhilarating into the ears of misfits everywhere: explore new identities, try them on, build one from scratch that’s entirely your own. iGirl started as a conduit for people to explore themselves through mini skirts and vintage dresses.


With an immersive visual world, a cult following of pious, dissociative-pouting disciples, and an indelible impact on the fashion zeitgeist, iGirl is part fashion religion, part alternate universe — one inhabited by goth girls, grunge fairies, farmers' daughters, schoolgirls, mallrats, and many, many more. Welcome. You can live here, too.


Eternal love,

iGirl <3