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    Charmed Pack 2.0

    Size Guide
    Sizing Guide
    Sizing Guide

    4-pack of juicy charms to deck out our Charmed Bracelets!

    - Includes our iGirl Engraved Platform Sneaker, Brick Phone, Mega Phone, & Vanity Mirror Charms!!
    - Each charm is approx. 1/2 inch in size!
    - Lobster Clasp attaches to the links smallest point on ur Charmed Bracelet 
    - These bad boys are ideal for Charmed Bracelets purchased June 7th or later as we have slightly adjusted the chain's size! 
    - 100% Stainless Steel

    Enamel may have slight variations!

    Pair on ur Charmed Bracelet or attach to any iGirl piece u pls!! <3