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    Sample Spiked Choker

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    Sizing Guide

    The iGirl Spiked Choker! Doubles as a fabulous weapon! 

    - AS-IS Spiked Chokers at a 50% discounted rate! Still great quality but these were made with a slightly different material on this run which is reflected in the price!
    - The photos are a great representation of the temporary material!
    - 100% Vegan Leather Band! 
    - HEAVY DUTY Stainless Steel Spikes that measure at 3 inches long! 
    - Engraved iGirl logos on top of each spike! 
    - 5 grommet adjustments along the back
    - 12 inches at the tightest point & up to 17 inches at the loosest point. 

    Guaranteed to take a literal dump on any ol’ goth choker in your current wardrobe.